Day of the Young Combatant (Día del joven combatiente)

Yesterday, march 20, “the day of the young fighter activist” or “Day of the young combatant, turned 30 years in Chile.
Throughout of the territory of ” Chile “, many of the old and young activists protested and shouted that “the fight is alive!”.
The activities were in commemoration of the deaths of the brothers Rafael and Eduardo Vergara Toledo, which occurred on March 29, 1985 during the military regime era in Chile. The brothers were members of an anti-government insurgent group.Their struggle was against The corrupt police who committed abuses against the people and they have never been punished like the people want. 3 police have been sentenced one of them for 10 and 2 other for 7 years, in a luxurious prison, but now they will be set free after only 3 years….

In 2014, one of the police declared that one of the young activists was alive when he was captured by police, and in the police station he was killed.
Yesterday, In Santiago de Chile, people burned some cars, expropriated some stores, and rioted. The police have captured an unknown number of persons, and other persons have been injured. A policeman has died from a shot which pierced his bullet proof vest.

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