Mapuche leader is held in jail without any evidence.

Chile, After great international pressure, against the chilean government, 2 of the judges of the supreme court, corrected the desicion to maintain the spiritual leader of the Mapuches machi Francisca Linconao in jail, to wait for results in the investigation of which she is subject. La Machi, is being investigated for the death of two businessmen who occupied the Mapuche ancestral lands. According to Chilean law, the Machi should have waited for the investigation with house arrest, but 2 judges of the supreme court preferred to keep her in jail, despite having no evidence against her. One of them is judge Luis Troncoso, who has reduced the punishment for the cop who committed crimes during the dictatorship and to peasants who have murdered Mapuches. The Machi stopped the hunger strike and will be transferred to her home, with no ban on leaving it.





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